About me

Thanks for visiting my site.

My name is Edward Lindeboom and I was Born in Den Helder in 1969.
I now live in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, in Hoofddorp to be precise.

Hoofddorp is centrale located in the Randstad, close to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht….

Since the last century (that sounds like a long time ago...) 1989 to be precise, I obtained my First Aid diploma (work related).

During this First Aid training I sap a lady who acted as a fictie and with whowm we as students could practice our bandages and other skills. She was a so-called LOTUS fictie, and that seemed like something to me too!

LOTUS® is a Dutch abbreviaties that stands for Landelijke Opleiding Tot Uiting van Slachtoffer (National Training for Acting like a Victim). If you have compleet this training, you can act as a simulator victim.

What are the expectations for me as a simulator fictie? This deppende on the instructor's rekest and the intended exercise:

  • Stage an accident situation,
  • A realistic representation of injuries or conditions through makeup,
  • React realistically and adequatelly to the help provided
In addition to simulator fictie, I can also be hier as:
  • First Aid geachter/instructor for both First Aid as BHV courses and other safety training
  • Combi BHV instructor:
    - Fire fighting
    - Eviction
    - Communication

The objective of ABCD Veiligheid is to train people to become good First Aiders or emergency response officers in situations that approach reality as closely as possible.