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Welcome on the site of ABCD Safety.
We focus on providing courses and training where safety is of great importance.

ABCD Veiligheid thinks along with you!

You can come to ABCD Veiligheid for, among other things, occupational health and safety education and training throughout the Netherlands. You can opt for lessons at our locations or for In Company customization.

You can contact us for, among other things:

  • First aid (first aid)
  • In-house emergency response (BHV)
  • Safety Checklist Contractors (VCA)

We also offer the possibility to practice during the emergency response training or refresher lessons with real-life fire situations, appropriate to your situation. So tailor-made!

We are happy to discuss the possibilities with our logo in mind:

"Your safety is our concern"

What do we offer?


In the ABCD Veiligheid training centers throughout Haarlemmermeer, BHV and first aid training days are planned weekly.

Please email us when the date that suits you is not listed!

In order to be able to provide customization, as the health and safety legislation stipulates for entrepreneurs, foundations and associations (RI&E) we would like to visit you FREE to make an inventory.


ABCDE Veiligheid offers a large number of different Emergency Response courses

In addition to Life-saving First Aid (LFA), this also covers Fire Evacuation and Communication (FEC).

We offer you and/or your employees the opportunity to practice with real-life fire situations that suit your situation.

ABCD Methode

De ABCDE-method is a way in which help is provided with the principle of “treat first what kills first”.

In other words: first the primary (life-threatening) and then the secondary or tertiary (non-direct or non-life-threatening) injuries and disorders.